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Newly designed CNBM2228 mast section

Mar 19, 2019

With the continuous advancement of national PC projects, the large tower cranes of 10 tons and above that were mainly used for export have now become the stars of the Chinese market.


In the past ten years, our tower cranes with 10 tons and above have been equipped with the standard section of the L46, L68 etc. It can save a lot of sea freight in international transportation, but its cost is too high to meet the domestic sales demand. In order to solve this problem, our technicians independently developed an integrated section to replace the panel type section, which is used in tower cranes of 10 tons and above.


Take the fixed standard section of the TC6020 tower crane as an example:


Product Name: CNBM2228 Mast Section


Product size: 2.0m*2.0m*2.8m




Product features: Compared with the panel type section, the product is more economical, safe, stable and durable. It is used in the TC6020 product, with an independent height of 50 meters and an attachment height of 206 meters.


All welded parts of the CMAX tower crane are all welded with carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. Every step of the welding process has a special person to carry out quality inspection, and the products that are not detected cannot flow into the next process; at the same time, the carbon injury inspection ensures the welding quality.


CMAX tower crane has a full-length 250-meter large-scale shot blasting equipment. It first performs shot blasting and then high-temperature baking to make the product superior in quality and beautiful in appearance. It can be guaranteed to be repainted within five years.




In order to adapt to the market, CMAX tower cranes are mainly: First, ordinary tower cranes (Integrated section, export customers can also be equipped with panel section) series, QTZ125, QTZ100, QTZ80, QTZ63; Second, large and medium towers Crane (panel section or integrated section) series, QTZ400, QTZ315, QTZ250, QTZ200, QTZ160; Third, new flat-top tower crane series, PT6010, PT5510, PT5210; Fourth, construction lift series (SC200/200 ); fifth, luffing type tower crane



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